Lake Shore Dance Academy brochure

Shall we dance?

Sometimes I’m asked to step in to work on a project that’s already underway. That was the case with Lake Shore Dance Academy. In April they asked me to create printed materials to complement their newly-designed logo and a new website they were about to develop.

It takes a sensitive touch to carry an existing design into a new project, so that new goals can be achieved while respecting the original vision. This project was all about color. The website’s deep, deep blues into purple, for example, needed slight adjustments to ensure they would render accurately in print. The way in which gradient tones of gold appear on a monitor is also entirely different from what can be produced in print. Take a quick glance at the site to see the richness I needed to recreate.

I chose a local printing company I knew to be as meticulous as me, who would welcome my presence – and scrutiny — when the proofs came off the press. I then designed the Academy’s trifold brochure, letterhead, and gift certificate to run on this particular press – because every press has its own personality!

A commitment had already been made to use a different vendor for the Academy’s business card – a printer who, to cut costs, prints 24 or more different cards in one pass. To compensate for not having the equivalent color control and balance I had with the other components of this identity project, I incorporated a variety of color tones and avoided large patches of solid “dark” in the design.

I’m always interested in partnering with in-house design or marketing teams on projects. Please call or email me if you have a creative opportunity you’d like to discuss.

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