Making backyard frozen memories.

NiceRink supplies just about anything a family or recreation department could need to create and enjoy an outdoor ice rink. This is a family-owned company, run by hockey enthusiasts with years on the rink as Junior A players, coaches, referees, and now parents. Over the years, as they’ve tinkered with their own backyard rinks, they’ve devised an ingenious set of components that people can use to put together their own ice rinks, sized to their own backyards. NiceRink is all about helping people make Frozen Memories® of their own.

Year after year, enthusiastic customers across North America, in Europe, and even as far as the Himalayas submit photos of their friends and families having fun or practicing on their rinks. Often these are the photos we used in catalogues, ads and social media. Even though they might be cell phone photos or the neighbor’s shed is front and center, the pure joy people are experiencing shines though again and again. Customers range from NHL players – after all, they like to skate in their own backyards, too – to up-and-coming hockey players, figure skaters, and most often, families who enjoy being outdoors. Our campaigns speak to all of them.

“Jill has been great to work with. She has an uncanny knack to be able to pull ideas out of my head and put them to paper the way I envision them, which helps me concentrate on other aspects of my business. When I ask her to ‘Jillify’ something, I know it will be right on target.”

—Jim Stoller, President, Sto-Cote Products, Inc., Genoa City, WI
NiceRink catalogue for 2018 season