New York City Ballet

Maintaining a connection with donors.

It’s so important that donors continue to feel an attachment to the internationally respected ballet company that they fund. This newsletter provided that lifeline using photos by some of the world’s top dance photographers. A generous use of white space balances what might otherwise be a moody presentation in the company’s traditional purple and black color scheme. The job was printed in New York by Pantone.

“When I was Director of Development for the New York City Ballet, Jill worked for me from afar, setting up our donor materials and brochures, and working with writers from the New York Times in creating our donor newsletter. One of my sorrows when I left for the Museum of Modern Art was that I couldn’t take her with me, as we had an in-house design department. Jill has a knack for creative problem-solving, and a partnership-oriented work ethic that sets her apart from her competition. Whether it is brainstorming through a challenge or creating a message that precisely hits its target, Jill works as a true colleague and sees each project through to its successful completion. Her ability to home in on, and then deliver, a message, are remarkable and make her a truly valuable creative partner.”

—Sandra Tanzer

Staying in touch with donors